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Manage stress to lighten your load

17 Aug, 2020
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Stress can destroy you from the inside out. While some things are out of your control, you can manage stress by controlling your behavior and attitude. Knowing your priorities can help you eliminate distractions and focus on what’s most important. This may be difficult if you need to say no to things, but it can keep you from spreading yourself too thin.

If you lack structure in your life, use a schedule or to-do list to help stick to a routine. Eating meals at the same time every day and going to bed at the same time every night can give you a sense of control. Prioritizing rest and finding ways to unwind can make you more productive in the long-term. 

Demanding perfection from yourself or others can quickly wear you down. Learning to accept a “good enough” result or to ask for help when you are struggling will help you stay afloat when times get tough. 

Manage stress by doing your best to resolve conflicts. This can help you let go of anger or frustration, but make sure you pick your battles. Lastly, try not to worry about things you can’t control.

Khashayar Dashti
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