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Men also deal with low self-esteem and poor self-image

17 Aug, 2020
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Overall, people today feel worse about the way they look, compared to people in the 1970’s. Boys and young men are told that the ideal body is tall, lean, and muscular. These messages influence men’s self image and self esteem, and come from media like superhero movies, athlete role models, and magazine covers. When men don’t have that body, it can lead to self-destructive behaviors like fad diets, over-exercising, and steroid abuse.

Low self esteem and poor self image means being uncomfortable with who you are, and can cause depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Reflecting on your memories and the effect they’ve had on your body image can help gain perspective. 

There is no “right” body type, and teasing, peer pressure, and the tendency to judge people on their appearance causes problems with self image. Try to limit your time on social media, and prioritize time with friends who love you for who you are. Most people have felt insecure with the way they look before, but never forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Khashayar Dashti
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