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The male infertility crisis and the first burden of fatherhood
In July 2017, a meta-analysis of 185 studies showed that sperm counts in Western men had declined by 59.3% and sperm concentration had fallen by 52.4% over the last 40 years This data shook our understan...
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Your Diet and Fertility
Few people know that the average man’s sperm count has dropped steadily over the past 40 years. This fact should scare everyone, especially men. However, sperm health is the last thing on the minds of...
Abstinence can help with your fertility
Although you are trying for a baby, sometimes it’s best to not have sex; at least abstain for a few days before trying again. The rationale: sperm is continuously made fresh however daily ejaculation r...
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) explained
40% of men in their 50s and more than 70% of men in their 60s struggle with enlarged prostates. The prostate gland is located inside the body, and secretes an important fluid that combines with sperm to ...
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Regular exercise is the best medicine
Regular exercise can increase your fertility, improve your sleep, increase your strength and energy, help prevent injury, reduce stress and anxiety, and decrease your risk of stroke, heart disease, and d...
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Emotional intelligence can help your interpersonal skills
  Emotional intelligence refers to your ability to recognize emotions in yourself and respond to emotions in others. Understanding your emotions will help you learn why you act in certain ways, a...
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Manage stress to lighten your load
  Stress can destroy you from the inside out. While some things are out of your control, you can manage stress by controlling your behavior and attitude. Knowing your priorities can help you elim...
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Mindfulness can keep you grounded
Life is stressful. Of all the tools you could use to handle stress and anxiety, there are few things as easy and effective as mindfulness meditation. When you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, it’s ...
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