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Bastion is the only app-based solution designed to help men improve their fertility through telehealth, at-home testing, and lifestyle management. $75 per visit

When conceiving is harder than you thought, we’re here to help

You know it takes two to have a baby. But did you know when couples are having trouble conceiving, 50% of the time1 it’s due to male-related factors like low sperm count?

If you’re one of the over 6 million men in the US experiencing infertility1, there’s hope. We can help you reach your goal of becoming a father through a unique holistic solution tailored to your individual needs.

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We’re an easy and affordable
app-based solution designed to help
men improve their fertility

Daily health tracking

Your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and even alcohol intake can affect your fertility. Our app lets you keep track of your daily lifestyle choices to give you a better picture of the factors affecting your reproductive health. You can enter the data manually, or sync it with Apple Health or Google Fit.

Telehealth visits with specialists

Talking to a healthcare provider about your fertility can be awkward, inconvenient, and expensive. We’ve made it easy and affordable with our in-app telehealth platform. You can schedule  video sessions with a Urologist, Andrologist, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner for the cost of a typical specialist copay.

Personalized fertility program

To help you and your partner maximize your chances of conceiving, we designed a subscription-based, personalized fertility program. You’ll have access to a Personal Care Coordinator who will guide you every step of your journey to parenthood, plus exclusive content and medical advice.

Is fatherhood in your future?
Start planning now!

Even if you don’t plan to have children in the near future, focusing on your fertility now can help boost your chances of conception when the time is right. Bastion can help you measure and improve your fertility through healthy lifestyle choices and medical interventions if appropriate. Get started today by downloading the app and getting in touch with a specialist.

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