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Join our growing telehealth network of men’s reproductive health specialists and help more patients, more often — on your schedule. Applying is easy and approval takes as little as 24 hours.

Bastion helps you
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Treat more patients

Our proprietary telehealth platform makes it easy to see more patients more often. Connect with patients during video chat sessions and communicate with them when needed through our integrated instant messaging feature. E-prescribe medications and document easily and securely.

Deliver coordinated care

You’ll be able to share your session notes with your patient’s other providers and make referrals to in-person care if needed, allowing you to provide a complete coordinated care plan.

Reduce your overhead

Our innovative business model saves you administrative costs and back-office work — so more of your time is devoted to patient care, and more of your money stays with you.

Set your own schedule

You set your schedule so patients only book appointments when you’re available. You can see our patients in between your in-person appointments, or even during evenings and weekends.

83% of patients are likely to use telehealth after COVID-19*

Telehealth is here to stay. More than ever, patients are looking to get quality, compassionate care from the comfort of home. Now’s the time to grow your practice by joining our easy-to-use telehealth solution!

* 2020 study: Telemedicine Adoption in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond. Data based on a US survey of 1,800 adults.

How to apply

Complete our application form and we’ll set up a video interview with our provider evaluation committee. Approval takes as little as 24 hours after your credentials are checked.

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Why partner with us?


Our telehealth tools keep your practice running during COVID-19 so you can safely provide continuous care to new and current patients.

Do more of what you love

See more patients in need of your expertise while generating instant revenue with zero insurance or billing-related responsibilities.

Access direct-pay patients

We use a fee-for-service model, so patients pay you directly using their HSA or credit card. That means no insurance claims, preauthorizations, or administrative headaches for your practice.

Powerful practice marketing

Our telehealth platform is designed to target and drive new direct-pay patients to your practice.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of providers are you looking for?

We’re looking to grow our provider network with urologists, andrologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in men’s reproductive, sexual, and/or mental health. You must be board-certified and licensed to practice in your state.

What kind of patients will I be seeing?

We target adult men of all ages and backgrounds experiencing infertility, ED, BPH, and other male reproductive and sexual health concerns.

How much will I get paid?

Each 10-minute session pays up to $49, depending on your credentials. Your fee will be determined during the application process. Since we’re a direct-pay service, your set fee will be consistent with each session and no insurance will be deducted.

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