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Dignified care for men’s reproductive health

The easy and affordable way to test, treat, and receive expert medical guidance from the comfort of your home.

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At Bastion, we understand that men’s reproductive health can be a difficult topic to approach. That’s why we designed our services to help you find a solution with respect to your privacy and comfort.


Our Physicians will be able to remotely access your test results and daily habits to provide you with a personalized and comprehensive medical plan and prescriptions.

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 Men’s fertility testing

Get the most convenient and complete at home fertility test for men.


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Customized treatment plans

Get a detailed, personal, and private Wellness report that breaks down how healthy you are today. Bastion will intelligently guide you towards a better reproductive health.

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   based on over 100 data points

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“There is a certain stigma regarding male infertility that is often difficult to address. I think this is a rather brilliant solution that enables guys like me to have options.”

Edward G.

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